Tuesday, June 12, 2018

Michael Dawkins Jewelry - Solid Design for Gifts

Michael Dawkins has been designing jewelry and building his reputation for nearly twenty years. His hard work has paid off. His designs are highly regarded and recognizable among designer jewelers. Michael Dawkins jewelry has unique design standards that make his designs unlike any others. He works mostly in gold, silver, diamonds, and other precious stones but has found more rare materials in his travels of the world. All these elements have allowed Dawkins to create a style and technique that is all his own. His clients love his collections not only because of their design, and high quality materials, but also because they are very wearable.

Dawkins is a student of natural objects as well as architecture and industrial design. From this he draws his inspiration for his jewelry designs. His study of design and structural elements helps him to create interesting designs. His dedication to aesthetics ensures that these pieces are not only well designed, but beautiful. Michael Dawkins jewelry is designed in a unique process of combining classic beauty and tried structural designs. This process is successful in developing designs that are industrial yet beautiful, and unique yet classic. The natural designs also result in jewelry that has unique texture elements. There is a combination of smooth, rough, and other textures that are eye catching.